image from the Tina and Rick J. Caruso Early Education Center

from the Tina and Rick J. Caruso Early Education Center

Last year saw Operations at Para Los Niños undertake a range of changes and new initiatives in order to adhere to the strategic plan. Foremost, a new Chief Financial Officer was hired and a streamlined HR information system was put in place, greatly increasing efficiencies surrounding recruitment, benefit administration, and other human resources functions.

We also sold our former headquarters building, increasing our cash reserves by 1200% and lowered operating costs by nearly $200K. Moreover, Operations oversaw the renovation of 3 preschool playgrounds, 1 entire preschool, 1 school parking lot and expanded capacity of the Mental Health building.

Further, a program to reduce Workers Compensation claims resulted in a 20% reduction in premium. Our computing bandwidth was increased throughout the entire organization to support increased use of technology at schools by installing a high-speed fiber network.

image from renovated Mental Health Center

the renovated Mental Health Center